Growing Your Garden of Employees

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This is the time of year when many people are either planning their gardens or have already started one, and a garden is what sprang to mind when I came across an article by Tammy Johns, a senior vice president at ManPower Group.

I really don’t think it’s because I’m preoccupied with gardens. (I’m not the black sheep of the family, but I do possess the sole brown thumb of the group.) I think it has to do more with the idea of growing your staff into the employees you need.

Johns mentions the “Experience-Needed” Syndrome which sometimes becomes the “exact experience needed syndrome”. In this situation, employers will come up with job descriptions that are extremely specific and often pass over candidates who would have been better at the job but didn’t have the laundry list of experience.

That’s when I began thinking about gardens. I wondered how many of these companies were looking for a very specific candidate when they could be growing the people they need. How many of the positions in mid to upper management were farmed out (sorry my corny sense of humor overreacts from time to time) when they could be growing someone to fill these positions.

It’s like putting out seeds and plant sets and not bothering to water them while you go from store to store to buy exactly what you already have. You’ve already committed the time and money to make people part of your team. With just a bit more care, they can become the exact employees you need.

  • In-house training
  • Sending staff to workshops
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Even webinars

Can train employees on specific and general areas.

For Tammy Johns article on what employers and job seekers can do to work with the “Experience-Needed” Syndrome, please see  “Job Descriptions and the ‘Experience-Needed’ Syndrome”.

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