Please Remember What I Told You To Forget

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For the adulation of anyone watching you (your dog, cat, the crackpot next-door-neighbor, etc.), rack your brain to remember who sang  “Remember What I Told You To Forget”.

While you’re mulling that over, please take note and remember that we’ve moved the blog  to become part of our overall site.

You can now find us at the Appalachian Leadership Academy website.

Give up on the title? Did you Google it yet? The cat, dog, weird neighbor and I will accept:

A) Tavares

B) The Four Tops

C) I was born after Disco died

If you answered A – you get one point for knowing your oldies.

If you answered B – you gets two points due to your vast musical knowledge.

If you answered C – you have our condolences. The 70s were something to be experienced. The 80s – not so much.

We hope you’ll see us at our new site.




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